José Carrillo Photography

Preserving your memories forever


Hi, thanks for your interest in my work, it is very important to be able to meet you, know how you want it to be the happiest day of your life.

How much do you charge for wedding coverage?

For more information and to know the complete price list, fill out a form, click here.

Are you available to travel to another state of the republic or another country to take photographs of my wedding?

Yes, I will go to any part of the world. I am based in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico), but I am not limited in any way in terms of traveling to make the photo shoots.

Are the travel costs included in the prices?

They are included for all weddings held in Puerto Vallarta. For other wedding locations a special quotation should be requested.

How can I hire you?

You can hire me contributing with 30% of the price of the package.

What time do you start taking photos on the wedding day?

I normally start two hours before the ceremony at the bride and groom’s hotel so that I leave enough time for traveling. For example, if the ceremony starts at 5 pm, the photo session at the bride and groom’s hotel would start around 3 pm.

Do you take group photos at the end of the ceremony?

Yes. This is the only exception I make in terms of spontaneity. I think that the group photos of the newly-weds with family and friends are interesting and there is no problem with taking them.

Do you take photos during the meal?

I do not take photos during the meal, except in some exceptional moments. A break is taken from the first course of the meal until the desserts come out. Photographs of people eating do not come out well and it is better to let them rest and enjoy their meal and calmly converse.